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Constantine Township Library

Unattended Children Policy


Constantine Township Library

In order to prevent undue disruption in normal library activities, provide for the general welfare of all persons using the Library, and the general safety of children using the Library, in addition to the Library Policy and Rules of Conduct the following rules and regulations shall be and are made a matter of policy at the Constantine Township Library.

The Library does not provide daycare.  The Library maintains that parents and caregivers of children using the library facility must assume responsibility for the safety, behavior and materials accessed by their children whether the parent or caregiver are present in the facility or, when age allows, have left the facility.  The parent or caregiver is responsible for minors to abide by the Library Policy and Rules of Conduct whether you are on the computer, browsing the books, or other activities.  Policies apply to general library visits and to scheduled library programs.

We request that persons responsible for children with specials problems related to physical or mental ability, disruptive behavior, or emotional problems, lack of adequate attention span or incomplete social skills, remain with their child at all times while on the library property.  This rule applies to general library visits and to scheduled library programs.

GENERAL LIBRARY VISITS: All visits are subject to Library Policy and Rules of Conduct approved by the Constantine Township Library concerning behavior, conduct, and demeanor.  It is the experience of the library staff that after one hour children tend to become bored and disruptive.  In accordance with Library Policy and Rules of Conduct  the child can be asked to leave if disruptive behavior continues after verbal warning. 

All children age five (5) or younger, shall at all times be attended and adequately supervised by a responsible person, e.g. an adult or a mature adolescent age 13 or older.

Children six (6) years old to eight (8) years old may be left unattended in the library for up to one half hour.

Children from the age of nine (9) and older may use the library unattended.

LIBRARY PROGRAM VISITS: During scheduled library programs (Littler Readers, Toddler Time and Summer Reading), the person responsible for the supervision of the children/child age three(3) or older may elect to be absent for the duration of the program.  If the person responsible for the supervision of said children/child intends to leave the building while their children/child remains at the library, that person shall leave contact information at the desk.

No children/child under three(3) years of age shall be left unattended.

Knowledge of library hours is the responsibility of the library patrons.  The Constantine Township Library assumes no responsibility for children/child left unattended on library premises. If children/child have not been picked up within 15 minutes of closing time, the police will be notified to transport and take custody of the children/child.

Approved 9-10-2001
Approved 10-06-2009