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New Items 2019

Title                                                        Author
The Titanic Secret                              Clive Cussler
Where the Light Enters                       Sara Donati
Akin                                                     Emma Donoghue
Out of Darkness...                               Petina Gappah
The Fifth Column                                Andrew Gross
Oathbringer                                         Brandon Sanderson
Killer Instinct                                       James Patterson
Robert B. Parker's the Bitterest Pill    Reed Coleman
Wherever She Goes                           Kelley Armstrong
The Marriage Lie                                Kimberly Belle
Wanderers                                          Chuck Wendig
The Chestnut Man                              Soren Sveistrup
The Lemon Sisters                             Jill Shalvis
The Me I Used To Be                          Jennifer Ryan
Ellie and the Harpmaker                     Hazel Prior
What Was Red                                    Rosie Price
Vessel                                                 Lisa Nichols
The Right Sort of Man                         Allison Montclair
Two Girls Down                                   Louisa Luna
The Stories You Tell                            Kristen Lepionka
Who I Am With You                             Robin Lee Hatcher
The Gone Dead                                   Chanelle Benz
 A Dog's Journey                                 Bruce Cameron
The Whisperer                                    Karin Fossum
The Sentinels of Andersonville           Tracy Groot
Nothing Ventured                               Jeffrey Archer
The Healing Jar                                  Wanda Brunstetter
Texas Forever                                    Janet Dailey
Tidelands                                            Philippa Gregory
Stolen Things                                     Rachael Herron
Cold Storage                                      David Koepp
This Tender Land                               William Kent Krueger 
Cut and Run                                       Fern Michaels
After the Flood                                    Kassandra Montag
Rival's Break                                       Carla Neggars
Old Bones                                           Douglas Preston
Vendetta in Death                                J. D. Robb
The Last Widow                                  Karin Slaughter
The Dark Side                                      Danielle Steel
The Oysterville Sewing Circle              Susan Wiggs
Contraband                                         Stuart Woods
Prince Edward's Warrant                    Melvin Starr
The Killing Tide                                   Dani Pettey
Beloved Hope                                     Tracie Peterson
The Last Good Guy                            T. Jefferson Parker
Fire Storm                                            Nancy Mehl
The Loyal One                                     Shelley Shepard Gray
Vow of Justice                                      Lynette Eason
The Russia Account                            Stephen Coonts
Things You Save in a Fire                    Katherine Center
The Bitterroots                                     C. J. Box 
The Inn, The Warning                         James Patterson
One Good Deed                                  Mary Jo Putney
 City of Windows                                  Robert Pobi
All the Water in the World                    Karen Raney
Chances Are...                                     Richard Russo
Kill Shot                                               Susan Sleeman
The Turn of the Key                             Ruth Ware
The Number of Love                            Roseanna White
Whispers on the Wind, Gray Clouds Blue Skye,
Paths to Peace, Still Waters, Cloud Cottage  Barbara Bull
My Way Home, Sweet Gabriel            Cynthia Cartier
Dark Age                                              Pierce Brown
Outfox                                                  Sandra Brown

Say It Now                                           Sherry Belul
A Republic...                                        Neil Gorsuch
How to Raise a Reader                        Pamela Paul
The Only Plane in the Sky                   Garrett Graff
Jim Trelease's Read-aloud Handbook
Empire of Democracy                          Simon Reid-Henry
Haben                                                  Haben Girma
In Pain                                                 Travis Rieder
Body Leaping Backward                      Maureen Stanton
Fraternity                                              Alexandra Robbins
Grow in the Dark                                  Lisa Steinkopf
Fresh Face                                           Mandi Nyambi
Overtime                                              John Bacon
American Spirit                                     Taya Kyle
The Gift of Fear                                    Gavin De Becker
Solve Your Money Troubles                 Amy Loftsgordon
leased to Meet You                              Bill Sullivan
Alzheimer's With My Mother                Jim Dicke 
How to Survive Anything                      Tim MacWelch
When Hearts Conjoin                           Erin Herrin
A Beginner's Guide to the End             Bruce Miller
The 36-hour Day                                   Nancy Mace
What to Expect When You're
              Expecting                                 Heidi Murkoff
The Life Changing Magic of...                Marie Kondao            
Patient Care                                           Paul Seward
Emperors of the Deep                           William McKeever

Superbuns                                              Diane Kredensor
Pigeon Has to Go to School                    Mo Willems
Clothesline Clues to the First Day
                    of School!                           Kathryn Heling
The Cathedral of Fear                            Irene Adler
The Echo Park Castaways                     M. G. Hennessey
The Downstairs Girl                                Stacey Lee
The Art of Breaking Things                     Laura Sibson
Quintana of Charyn                                 Melina Marchetta
Out of This World, Pete the Cat and the
Lost Tooth                                              James Dean
Saving Emma the Pig                            John Chester
If I Built A School                                    Chris Van Dusen
The Battle of the Labyrinth, The Last
 Olympian, The Sea of Monsters,The
Titan's Curse (Graphic Novels)             Robert Venditti
Percy Jackson & the Olympians(GN)    Rick Riordan
Winter                                                    Marissa Meyer
Froi of the Exiles                                    Melina Marchetta
The Orphan's Wish                                Melanie Dickerson
The Bridge Home                                   Padma Venkatraman
Lumberjanes:Beware the Kitten Holy, A
Terrible Plan, Friendship to the Max       Noelle Stevens
The Day the Mustache Came Back,
The Day the Mustache Took Over          Alan Katz  
Big Bad Ironclad, Donner Dinner Party,
One Dead Spy, Treaties, Trenches, Mud
and Blood (Graphic Novels)                   Nathan Hale
The Red Fox Clan, Duel at Araluen       John Flanagan
The Mystery of the Scarlet Rose            Irene Adler
Dog Man:For Whom the Ball Rolls         Dav Pilkey
Guiness World Records 2020
Awesome Achievers in Technology, Awesome
Achievers in Science                                 Alan Katz
Ripley's Believe it or Not!                          Geoff Tibballs
Tick-tock!                                                   Gina Shaw
The Ultimate Book of Snakes...                 Barbara Taylor
The Know-nonsense Guide to Measurements
The Sun, Galaxies                                     Heather Hudak
Stars, Planets, The Amazing Universe,
Asteroids,Comets & Meteorods                 Lauren Kukla
Meteorology in the Real World                  Gregory Vogt
Space Exploration, The Moon                   Kelly Doudna
Polar Exploration                                       Sue Hamilton
Suicide Squad
Transformers Dark of the Moon
Transformers Age of Extinction
Olympus Has Fallen/White House Down
Avengers Endgame
Amazing Grace
A Dog's Journey
The Biggest Little Farm
The Secret Life of Pets 2