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New Items 2018

Title                                                         Author
Two Steps Forward                                Graeme Simsion
Washington Black                                   Esi Edugyan
The Fox                                                   Frederick Forsyth
The Reckoning                                       John Grisham
Red Moon                                               Kim Robinson
Every Breath                                           Nicholas Sparks
Shell Game                                             Sara Paretsky
The Clockmaker's Daughter                    Kate Morton
Why Not Tonight                                      Susan Miller
Unsheltered                                             Barbara Kingsolver
When We Were Young                            Karen Kingsbury
The Three Beths                                     Jeff Abbott
Mycroft and Sherlock                              Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
November Road                                      Lou Berney
Gone So Long                                         Andre Dubus
A Well-behaved Woman                         Therese Fowler
Crisis                                                       Felix Frances
At Home in Wishing Bridge                     Ruth Herne
Desperate Measures                               Stuart Woods
Sister Eve:Private Eye, Sister Eve
      and the Blue Nun, The Case of the
      Sin City Sisters                                  Lynne Hinton
The Sea Before Us                                 Sarah Sundin
The Chalk Man                                       C. J. Tudor
Between Earth and Sky                          Amanda Skenandore
Dracul                                                     Darce Stoker
Under My Skin                                        Lisa Unger
The Next Person You Meet in Heaven   Mitch Albom
The Dream Daughter                              Diane Chamberlain
Match Making for Beginners                   Maddie Dawson
The Witch Elm                                        Tana French
Hope in a Jar                                          Elizabeth Harbison
Winter in Paradise                                  Elin Hilderbrand
The Celebration, The Blessing               Wanda Brunstetter
Virgil Wander                                          Leif Enger
Dear Dwayne, With Love                        Eliza Gordon
Echoes of Evil                                         Heather Graham
An Absolutely Remarkable Thing           Hank Green
Sandy Toes, Salty Kisses, Sunset
            Lullaby                                        Robin Gunn
Looking for a Hero, Alaskan Holiday      Debbie Macomber
The Night Market                                   Jonathan Moore
The Razor's Edge, Those Who 
       Remain                                            Michael Hopf
Metamorphica                                         Zachary Mason
The Bookshop of Yesterdays                 Amy Meyerson
How to Keep a Secret                            Sarah Morgan
Ambush                                                  James Patterson 
A Spark of Light                                     Jodi Picoult
Holy Ghost                                             John Sandford
Transcription                                          Kate Atkinson
The Hope Jar                                         Wanda Brunstetter
Sea Prayer                                             Khaled Hosseini
Red War                                                 Kyle Mills
Below the Tree Line                               Susan Oleksiw
A Forgotten Place                                  Charles Todd
The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock            Imogen Gowar
Time's Convert                                       Deborah Harkness

The Bones Will Speak, A Cry From
      the Dust                                             Carrie Parks
My Daughter's Legacy, My Brother's
Crown, My Sister's Prayer                       Mindy Clark
Trail of Echoes, Skies of Ash,
Lands of Shadows                                   Rachel Hall
An Elegant Facade, An Uncommon
Courtship, An Inconvenient Beauty,
A Noble Masquerade                               Kristi Ann Hunter
Redeemed Hearts, Wayward Hearts,
Betrayed Hearts                                      Susan Mason
Sit, Stay, Love, Fetching Sweetness,
Paws for Love                                          Dana Mentink
When Death Draws Near, Portrait
of Vengeance                                           Carrie Parks
Behind the Scenes, Caught by Surprise,
Out of the Ordinary                                  Jen Turano

Every Day is Extra                                  John Kerry
Presidents of War                                   Michael Beschloss
Ageless Brain                                      
Make Something Good Today                Ben Napier
Democracy                                             Condoleezza Rice
Ruth Bader Ginsburg                             Jane De Hart
Out of the Shadow                                 Mark Litzsinger
Killing the SS                                          Bill O' Reilly
Valley Forge                                           Bob Drury
Amish Cooking Class                             Wanda Brunstetter
Once Upon a Farm                                Rory Feek
These Truths                                         Jill Lepore
We Fed an Island                                  Josae Andraes
Sit Down and Shut Up                           Cinque Henderson
The Last Palace                                    Norman Eisen
Leadership in Turbulent Times              Doris Goodwin
Joyful                                                     Fetell Lee
If You Love Me                                      Maureen Cavanagh
Sleepyhead                                           Henry Nicholls
21 Lessons for the 21st Century           Yuval Harari
Take Off Your Shoes                             Ben Feder
The Good Neighbor                              Maxwell King
The Kitchen Shortcut Bible                   Bruche Weinstein
Differently Wired                                   Deborah Reber
Why Can't We Just Play?                     Pam Lobley
Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy                              Anne Boyd Rioux
The Cut Out Girl                                   Bart Van Es
Scarface and the Untouchables           Max Collins
The Younger Next Year Back Book      Chris Crowley
The Strange Case of Dr. Couney         Dawn Raffel
The Book of Books
Burden                                                  Courtney Hargrave
Conan Doyle for the Defense               Margalit Fox

What If You Had Animal Hair?                    Sandra Markle
Swallow's Dance                                         Wendy Orr
Comeback Kid                                             Steve Moore
Wanted                                                        Bryan Davis
The House with a Clock in its Walls            John Bellairs
Eleanor Roosevelt's in My Garage              Candace Fleming
Very Rich                                                     Polly Horvath
The Assassination of Brangwain                 M. T Anderson
The War Outside                                         Monica Hesse
Bridge of Clay                                              Mark Zusak
King's Cage, Red Queen, Glass Sword      Victoria Avery
Champion, legend, Prodigy, Wildcard         Marie Lu
Moon Chosen, Wind Rider                          P. C. Cast
Light Years                                                  Kass Morgan 
 You Can Control our Voice, You Can Stay in
Control, You're Angry, You're in Trouble     Connie Miller
The Penderwicks at Last                            Jeanne Birdsall
The Right Hook of Devin Velma                 Jake Burt
The Getaway                                              Jeff Kinney
The House in Poplar Wood                        Katie Ormsbee
Toil and Trouble
Seafire                                                        Natalie Parker
Catwoman                                                  Sarah Maas
My Life as a Gamer, My Life as a Joke,
My Life as a Book, My Life as a Stuntboy,
My Life as a Cartoonist                              Janet Tashjian
The House With a Clock in its Walls          John Bellairs
The Wearle                                                Chris D'Lacey
Power of the Fire Dragon, Flight of the
     Moon Dragon, Secret of the Water
     Dragon, Saving the Sun Dragon,
Song of the Poison Dragon                       Tracey West
A Hippy-hoppy Toad                                  Peggy Archer
What If You Had an Animal Tail?               Sandra Markle
Saving Winslow                                         Sharon Creech
No Fixed Address                                   Susin Nielsen-Fernlund
Toy Story, Toy Story 2
Corduroy Take a Bow                               Viola Davis
Explorer Academy                                    Trudi Truiet
Star Baby                                                  Grace Lin
Rise of the Earth Dragon                          Tracey West
Sadie                                                        Courtney Summers
New Horizons                                         Kate Riggs
Living with OCD                                      Michelle Andersen
Living with Phobias                                 Heidi Ayarbe
Living with Panic Disorders                    Jennifer Connor-Smith
Living with PTSD                                    Lindsay Wyskowski
Living with ADHD                                   Whitney Sanderson
Guiness World Records 2019
Grant vs. Lee                                          Wayne Vansant
Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors            Stuart Atkinson
Roman Numerals and Ordinals              Kylie Burns
The Metric System                                 Paul Challen
The Handbook of Cage and Aviary Birds  Matthew Vriends
Kitchen Science Labs for Kids              Liz Lee Heinecke
Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste  Steve Spangler
I Can Only Imagine
The Mountain Between Us
The Adventures of Clutch Power
Doc McStuffins: Time for Your Checkup
Book Club
Sherlock Gnomes DVD, Blu-ray)
The Muppet Movie
Muppet Treasure Island
The Muppets' Wizard of Oz
Toy Story That Time Forgot
Planes (DVD, Blu-ray)
Avengers:Infinity War

Paris Still Life                              Rosalind Brackenbury (MP3)
Paradox                                      Catherine Coulter (MP3)
Long Way Gone                          Charles Martin (MP3)
50/50                                           Dean Karnazes
Alexander Hamilton                    Ron Chernow
1861                                           Adam Goodheart
The Lost City of Z                       David Grann
To the Bright Edge of the World Eowyn Ivey
Charmed & Enchanted               Nora Roberts
Consent to Kill                            Vince Flynn
Bless This Mouse                       Lois Lowry
Journey on a Runaway Train     Gertrude Warner
Look for Me                                Lisa Gardner
Up in Flames, A Dangerous
                       Game                  Heather Graham
Liar, Liar                                     Lisa Jackson
The Lost Vintage                       Ann Mah
The Moscow Deception             Karen Robards
Shelter in Place                         Nora Roberts
ArchEnemy                                Frank Beddor
The Obsidian Blade                   Pete Hautman

The Zippity Zinger, Day of the Iguana,
Niagara Falls, or Does It?, I Got a D
      in Salami                                        Henry Winkler
Crush                                                   Gary Paulsen
A Long Walk to Water                          Linda Sue Park
Hero, Travel Team, Safe at Home,
Shoot-out, Miracle on 49th Street,
Fast Break                                           Mike Lupica
The Runaway Dolls                             Ann Martin
Memory Maze                                     Gordon Korman
In Harm's Way                                     Andrew Clements
Friend or Fiend?                                 Judy Blume
Emmy and the Incredible...                 Lynne Jonell